Sonoma Valley Sun likes Sweet Peabody's!

A nice blurb about us in the Sonoma Valley Sun at the Sonoma Farmer’s Market.

“A smattering of new vendors to the market this year features a plethora of new savory options for snacking or downright dining.  In addition to scrumptious sushi, Thai, Mediterranean, crepes, and more, market goers can now nibble on plump, nicely barbecued oysters, crispy fish and chips, grilled tri-tip, and even traditional, southern looking fried chicken I look forward to sampling.

Sweet things are always plentiful.  One could certainly get a sugar high in many forms here, from creative cupcakes and homemade pie, to kettle corn or even my favorite: Thai coconut sticky rice served with slices of fresh mango.  Typically, I tend to bypass most of those sticky sweets and choose from the divine array of fresh fruit from the farm vendors; Oh the cherries and the strawberries!

Although, my favorite new vendor at the market this year is hawking something sweet that I truly cannot resist. Sweet Peabody’s Homemade Sorbet sells sorbet from a cute little cart on the Northeast side of City Hall.  Each flavor changes based on what is in season at the market and are produced in small, handcrafted batches.  The decadent, Campfire Coconut is a lush, creamy concoction of fresh, young roasted coconut and a Silverado Strawberry tasted of nothing more than frozen, super sweet strawberries, intensified.  You’d never guess the Fierce Chocolate was cream-free, nothing more than a lush, velvety cup of frozen, surprisingly low-calorie, dark chocolatey goodness.  I am eager to taste each week’s fun, fruity creation.”

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